Our Values
We have built a system of shared values and beliefs that has shaped Romina PLC over the past five decades. Our Guiding Values are a very real and visible part of our company culture and present at every level of our organisation.

Romina PLC was founded by Girma Taye; a prominent, self-made business leader with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. The company first started in 1973 as a small restaurant in Arat Kilo, and has since evolved into a high-profile company engaged in restaurant management, international trading services, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), coffee exporting, as well as importing and distribution of various products to the local market.

Romina’s strong commitment to provide unique services in the hospitality industry created an opportunity to open a group of restaurants in prime locations around Addis Ababa as well as a dairy farm and a coffee processing plant in Oromia zone.


We’re always curious and looking new ways of doing new things and push ourselves to find new ways of thinking. It is one of the biggest values that has brought us the most return on our investment.


When we build businesses, we build them to last and create lasting impact in our country. From our coffee export centers to our restaurants we push to stay in the headspace of our customers. The only way we can ensure that is by making sure our service is unparalleled.

Lasting Impact

Part of our core values is positive change. In all our interactions with customers, employees and partners we aim to create positive impact. We strongly believe in investing in people and the country we work in.

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    The Team
    Ephrem Getachew
    Import and export manager
    Yohanness Moges
    technical manager
    Solomon Mulugeta
    Operational Manager
    Tariku Amare
    Operational Manager - Koba Patisserie
    Michael Girma
    Michael Girma
    Kumlachew Mulugeta
    Deputy CEO
    Elias Dagne
    Finance manager
    Daniel Worku
    Country Sales Manager - Ethiopia

    Mob: +251 911215210 |  0912502296
    Tel: +251 115 586 444
    P.O.Box 102356


    Contact: Kumlachew Mulugeta

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