Who We Are

We are family owned company with the objective of becoming a company that delivers every service and product with the highest standard attaining excellence in everything we do.

Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction with no exceptions and mediocrity. We are committed to provide our products at the right time at the right place with zero tolerance.

We envision to be referred as the most trusted company in the Hospitality and Coffee exporting business where we are operating successfully right now.

For more than four decades, Romina has been blessed with a reputation for ethical, responsible business practices. We believe that great companies are built on the principle of doing the right thing each and every day, and treating business partners, customers, and employees honestly, fairly, and with respect.



Romina Restaurant


Coffee Quality Check


And now in the footsteps of their father, the sons are running the business strategically moving in to other sectors as well.

We have built a system of shared values and beliefs that has shaped Romina over the past four decades. Our Guiding Values are a very real and very visible part of our company culture. The high ethical standards represented in these values are expected from employees at every level of our organization. If there is any one thing that serves as the backbone of our business philosophy, it is our Guiding Values. These values are composed of six tenets:


  1. Showing respect for our People; we train, incentivize and motivate them
  2. Conducting business with Integrity; We do it clean and we don’t take what is not ours
  3. Taking Responsibility for our actions; we rely on our performance and we always take hide in it.
  4. Providing products of the highest Quality; quality is something we can’t compromise.
  5. Focusing on Productivity at every level of business; efficiently utilized resources and waste is failure and unacceptable.
  6. Pursuing and supporting Innovation every day. We adopt and adapt to the state of the art way of doing things.

Romina is now operated by the sons of Girma Taye. Grown up with their father’s principles of toiling and prospering limitlessly the sons are expanding the business in to new horizon as the world has moved from Titanic to Twitter. Romina has grown tremendously, but the company’s business dealings are still heavily influenced by what our leaders learned by watching our founders. The example they set remains the foundation of our business practices today.