Who We Are 2

Romina PLC, a company founded by Girma Taye who is a prominent and visionary self-made business personality, has been founded in and has been in the hospitality industry since 1972.

It started with a small bar and restaurant business and has now become a high profile company engaged in different trading and service activities. Having rooted itself on a strong commitment to providing unique services in the restaurant business, Romina has currently extended its horizon into different local and international business sectors including coffee export, dairy farm production and importing and distributing different items.

Romina PLC now owns two restaurants in prime locations in Addis Ababa and a dairy farm & coffee processing plan in Oromia zone in Ethiopia and has created an employment opportunity to 200 people.


  • To be the preferred coffee exporter in the premium market
  • To be the top company in the restaurant/ cafe business
  • To be the most respected supplier and distributor of  imported items


  • To set the bars high in providing utmost quality in the product and services we provide

Core Values

We have built a system of shared values and beliefs that have shaped Romina PLC over the past four decades.

Our Guiding Values are a very real and very visible part of our company culture. The high ethical standards represented in these values are expected from employees at every level of our organization. If there is any one thing that serves as the backbone of our business philosophy, it is our Guiding Values. These values are composed of six tenets:

– Showing respect for our PEOPLE; we train, incentivize and motivate them
– Conducting business with INTEGRITY; we do it cleanly and we don’t take what is not ours
– Taking RESPONSIBILITY for our actions; we rely on our performance and we always take pride in it. Providing products of the highest QUALITY; quality is something we can’t compromise.
– Focusing on PRODUCTIVITY at every level of business; efficiently utilized resources and waste is a failure and unacceptable.
– Pursuing and supporting INNOVATION every day. We adopt and adapt to the state of the art way of doing things.

Integrity | Responsibility | Quality | Productivity | Innovation

Our Promise

The Customer

Understand, anticipate and fulfill their needs
Offer innovative, safe and reliable products and services
Supply affordable products through prudent sourcing, competitive pricing, and convenient payment schemes

The Employees

Create and ensure a safe, fair and healthy work environment
Invest in their training and professional development to help them realize their own ambitions and full potential
Reward those who match our vision with dedication and commitment.

The Business Partners

Build long-term partnerships characterized by trust, fairness, and respect
Invest in the development of mutual business
Help them to achieve their own market and business objectives

The Shareholder

Sustain outstanding performance and achieve steady growth and profitability
Ensure excellence in everyday activities
Maintain transparency, accountability and good governance

The Society

Contribute to the comprehensive development of the community
Care for the underprivileged
Protect the environment
Provide choice, opportunity and mobility

The Future

Stay true to company core values and business vision
Nurture and keep our dreams alive
Exploit opportunity with prudence, courage and resolve
Continuously develop capabilities
Manage each task with passion